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The market has been good this year.  Sales are up well over 20% and there has been a good buzz going throughout the market this year.  However, each year the market in Boulder County peaks and then starts to decline toward the slow holiday months.  It is a consistent pattern that resembles a bell curve.  Here is what the monthly sales curve has looked like over the past five years.

From what I’m seeing in the market, it appears that sales in 2012 peaked in June.  If the historical pattern holds we will see a gradual decline in sales through the remainder of the year.  How can I say this without July being in the books?  Two reasons.  The first reason is that I can tell that the market is not moving as fast.  Not as many showings, not as many offers, not as many calls.  The second, and most reliable is that I track contract activity on a weekly basis and this shows that we have peaked and are heading back down.  We are still tracking ahead of last summer but around here the spring market is stronger than the summer market.  The chart below shows the number of homes that have gone under contract on a weekly basis over the past three years.