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FHFA.gov recently released their report on home appreciation for the period ending June 30, 2015. In the report it shows that Boulder home appreciation is the 14th highest  for the year among the 271 largest metropolitan areas it tracks. Boulder had a 10.27% appreciation for the one year period and 5.30% for the second quarter alone. The quarterly appreciation for our area ranks 5th in the nation and one of the areas ahead of us was Denver.  We know we had a great year and a big spring but this validates the fact that ours is one of the hottest and most active in the nation.

The United States average for the one year period was 5.39%. The top state for appreciation is Colorado with 10.62%.

Here are a few charts that represent this data visually. The first one shows Boulder’s appreciation compared to that of the U.S. and the second one shows Boulder’s appreciation national ranking over time. This is the most active market we have had in terms of appreciation since 1999 when we were ranked #1 in the nation.  Stay tuned, we might just gain ground this next quarter.

FHFA comparison