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Interested in learning about the different neighborhoods in Boulder? In this report I have split Boulder into eleven different areas and present the lifestyle highlights, schools, shopping districts, local recreation and real estate statistics for each area. If you’re interested in learning about where to live in the City of Boulder this is your guide.

It is recognized that Boulder is a great place to live but the neighborhoods in Boulder are a bit hard to characterize. Boulder was developed over time in a piece-meal fashion. The result is that many of the neighborhoods are only a few hundred homes in size. It is common to have two adjacent neighborhoods developed at different times and have completely different price ranges. While this report is not comprehensive, it will give the reader valuable information from which to start understanding the real estate market in Boulder. I have arbitrarily split up Boulder into 11 different segments. I will highlight the major neighborhoods in each area.

Click here Boulder Neighborhood Guide to view and download the guide.