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Boulder Neighborhood Guide 2016Boulder Neighborhood Guide

I realized a few years ago that people coming from out of town were having a hard time characterizing the different neighborhoods within Boulder.  In response I created the Boulder Neighborhood Guide. In this report I have split Boulder into eleven different areas and present the lifestyle highlights, schools, shopping districts, local recreation and real estate statistics for each area. If you’re interested in learning more about the different neighborhoods within the City of Boulder this is your guide.

Click this link to view and download the report.  Boulder Neighborhood Guide 2016

It is recognized that Boulder is a great place to live but the neighborhoods in Boulder are a bit hard to peg. Boulder was developed over time in a piece-meal fashion. The result is that many of the neighborhoods are only a few hundred homes in size. It is common to have two adjacent neighborhoods developed at different times and with completely different price ranges. While this report is not comprehensive, it will give the reader valuable information from which to start understanding the real estate market in Boulder. I will highlight the major neighborhoods in each area.

Here are some highlights from within this years report.

Last year homes in Boulder County appreciated roughly 13.52%. But the appreciation varied between areas and price ranges.  Within Boulder neighborhoods as I have split them in the report gains in median prices ranged between 6.6% to 35% depending upon the area.  Here is the list of neighborhoods sorted by median price appreciation last year:

  1. Wonderland Lake / Dakota Ridge = 35%
  2. North Boulder East = 28%
  3. North East Neighborhoods = 28%
  4. Whittier = 24%
  5. Chautauqua / University Hill = 16%
  6. Gunbarrel = 13%
  7. Retail / Industrial Core = 12%
  8. South Boulder / Table Mesa = 11%
  9. East Boulder = 7%
  10. Newlands – 6.7%
  11. Mapleton Hill = 6.6%

A Few Notes: Wonderland Hill / Dakota Ridge is in the far NW portion of town and this is where there are the newest houses coming online. It is also west of Broadway which always means premium prices.  Newlands and Mapleton Hill have some of the highest priced real estate in Boulder. The luxury market did not increase in price as much as other, lower priced markets so those areas saw the smallest average appreciation.

Click this link to view and download the report. Boulder Neighborhood Guide 2016