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Each spring since 2013 the real estate market in Boulder County could be characterized as frenetic. This year the market is a bit more tempered.  If you just look at April’s numbers the market seems similar to a year ago.  Sales are similar, inventory is up, prices are up…  However, despite strong forward looking sales it seems that the market has lost some of the strength we have seen over the past three springs.  Houses are staying on the market longer and there are fewer showings on new listings.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out but we don’t usually see the market slow down until late June and we are seeing it earlier this year in some segments.

Sales in April were down 9.4% when compared to last April. Year-to-date sales are still up 1% but it seems that this year is losing a bit of steam.  Anecdotally, there have been fewer than expected showings on listings and even on popular properties when multiple offers have been received, the numbers of showings and offers is down. The slideshow below illustrates graphically different segments of the local real estate market including; number of sales, inventory (which is rising), under contract percentage etc.