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Sales took a big drop in November. Down 8.4% from last November and down 12% from October. After 21 straight months of increased year-over-year sales we have now had two straight months of decline.
Year-to-date sales are still up 9.6%.
Inventory, or lack thereof, continues to be a challenge. At the end of October there were just 1440 total listings on the market (single family and condos). This is down from 1818 just two months ago.
We are like a two cylinder car running on full capacity, however we are, figuratively speaking, topping out at just 45 mph. In order to have the market moving forward in 2014 we need to run on 8 cylinders with plenty of gas.  We have the capacity all we need are the listings.  I suspect the first six months of 2014 will be especially busy.  If you are considering selling your house give me a call now so that we can discuss the timing, pricing and getting your house ready to go.

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