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2012 has started in many ways just like it has over the past two years.  This year it seems that there is a lot of early activity in the market.  In fact, at the end of January, 21.5% of all listings were under contract.  This represents a 7% increase from the same time period a year ago.  Closed sales during January were just about equal to last year.  The number of homes that went under contract during the month were within a few properties as well.

So does this mean that we are primed to have a similar year in the Boulder real estate market?  My prediction is that sales will increase this year.  Not a huge jump but an increase nonetheless.  There have been many people thinking about making a move and this year is a great year to take advantage of low interest rates while they last.  If you have a home to sell, the good news is that there is activity in the market.  The bad news is that buyers are as picky as ever and will only buy homes that are in good shape and are perceived as a good value.

This slideshow highlights 4 years of sales data and shows many of the long term trends we have been seeing in the Boulder County real estate market.  I welcome your questions and comments.