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Chautauqua Walking Tour

Most people head to Chautauqua Park to take a hike. Here is a different take on the enjoying this beautiful part of Boulder Colorado. Here is a detailed walking tour starting from the Chautauqua Dining Hall that heads through the neighborhood that is closest to the park.

Download and print the PDF here Boulder Walking Tour- Chautauqua Neighborhood

Here are the detailed directions:

  1. Begin at the Chautauqua Dining Hall within Chautauqua Park. The Park is located at 9th and Baseline. There is free parking in the area. From SONY DSCthe Dining Hall head east (away from the mountains) toward the playground and walk past the tennis court.
  2. At 12th Street take a left and start heading downhill.
  3. Once you pass a house or two take a right on Columbine Ave. for one block. I especially like this area so you may want to wander a bit on your own before you…
  4. Take a left on 13th Street and cross baseline Road (Note, there is no cross walk here so if you need extra time crossing head back up toward the park for a crosswalk).
  5. Take a left on Cascade and enjoy the walk back towards Flagstaff Mountain on this nice wide street. At 6th Street continue West even though it says it isn’t a through street. homes.
  6. At the “T” take a right on Willowbrook . This tucked away street is especially charming.
  7. Then take a right on Park. You are now headed downhill for a short stretch and then…
  8. Take a right onto Aurora Avenue. This part of the neighborhood has some nice wild areas in people’s back yards and bears and other critters find this a great place to spend some time. Before you head back up a hill.
  9. Take a Left on 6th This narrow street winds downhill and halfway it turns into Rosehill Drive. You will see a mix of homes here from modern and SONY DSCnew to the only log home that I know of in Boulder.
  10. Take a right onto College this street isn’t marked but at the intersection you can see the schoolyard of Foothills Elementary. Head toward the cemetery.
  11. Take a right onto 8th Get ready for your uphill portion of the walk. As you walk you will see many remodeled homes and a few original cottages as well.
  12. Take a left on Aurora then a Right on Grant – Grant is one way going the wrong way so if you are driving this route continue one block further to 9th. Grant will continue up the hill and take you directly back to Chautauqua Park.