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We Are All About…

Kearney Realty is a local boutique real estate firm with the mission to provide the Boulder Valley a high touch, high tech, five-star customer experience. Each of our full time associates is empowered and engaged to give top quality service based on impeccable ethics, consistent systems, professional development and cutting edge tools.

Kearney Realty offers agents a unique culture based on collaboration, cooperation and mutual consideration. The atmosphere is positive, fun and laid back. We strive to be an office of smart, proactive agents who do business the “right way”. Agents share a modern work space centered around collaboration and creative innovation. The relationship between management and associates is one centered on mutual trust and respect.

Our Values…

  1. Integrity and Class – Keeping our word; knowing what’s right and doing what’s right.
  2. Selfless Service – Exceeding expectations by focusing on exceptional service.
  3. Caring – All of our relationships are based on mutual respect, cooperation and consideration.
  4. Connected – Give back to the profession and the community. 5% of company profits are donated to local charities.
  5. Innovation – Continually striving to find new and better ways to serve our customers and associates.

We are always looking for people to join our company. We are looking for people we like to hang out with, nice people who like to have fun helping people find homes. We like agents with a passion for customer happiness and a vision for their personal success. We do not hire new agents.

What We Offer…

Kearney Realty offers agents a framework in which to succeed. We respect the individual and strive for collaboration and improvement. We do not publicly celebrate top producers or otherwise publish sales results. However, we do privately recognize and reward excellent results.

We do not offer private offices but we do have a beautiful, modern office space where you can come to meet clients or get your work done. With our reduced footprint we are able to provide a very attractive compensation plan.

First five closings: 80/20 split

Next five closings: 85/15 split

All subsequent transactions: 90/10 split


Splits do not reset on a yearly basis. Once you reach a 90/10 split you stay there for as long as you are with Kearney Realty Co.

Commissions paid to Kearney Realty are capped at $12,0001 annually. Once you have paid $12,000 during a twelve month period to the brokerage all subsequent transactions for that year are 100%. Once the cap is reached each year, the split progression (if applicable) will continue at the same point the following year. For example if you reach your cap on your seventh transaction with the company, all further closings for that year will be 100%. When your second year begins, your first three transactions will be at an 85/15 split.

Broker associates can do property management (not as a primary business plan) but of course, they need to run all expenses and paperwork through the office. All property management is on a 90/10 split. Property management does not count toward the transaction count for increased split levels.

There are no closing fees, franchise fees, technology fees, company marketing assessments, etc.

All checks will come directly from the title company or from Kearney Realty the same day the check is delivered.

Agents are responsible for color printing (.15 per page), any advertising arranged by the office (never a markup and always optional) and any company paid expenses such as MLS dues. Those extras will be billed in arrears on a monthly basis. Agents are responsible for their own Realtor dues, MLS fees and E&O insurance.

Kearney Realty offers the tools to succeed and that is important since our area is one of the most savvy and educated places in the United States in which to do business. The office provides equipment and training in video and gives opportunities for individual agents to highlight their expertise on the internet through our website. We are also glad to help you produce your own website/blog and host it for you. All you need is the URL.

The office provides checklists, statistical reports, relocation packets, newsletters and marketing handouts. Kristy Kearney provides overall support and training but agents are expected to be engaged and capable of running their business on their own.

Showings will be set by Centralized Showings (company paid for the first 15 listings a year and $25 per listing thereafter).

All property inquiry calls will be put through to the listing agent directly.

Company signs will be provided and will have space for your name rider as well as a property specific sign rider. You can also have individual signs made at your expense. We will put up and take down your signs free of charge if you would like.

You will get a free KearneyRealty.com email address.

We encourage the use of technology: Electronic signatures; Electronic file storage and sharing via Evernote (we will train you and scan your documents if needed); Top Producer action plans; Email marketing through our company Constant Contact account with your email list.

No special addendums. No affiliated businesses. No unnecessary policies, regulations or paperwork.

1 When you meet your commission cap of $12,000 for the year you will be rewarded! The company will celebrate your success by investing back in you. The company will pay up to $1,000 for: 1) A technology upgrade you can use in your business. 2) Personal growth and education in the form of a seminar, a conference, educational materials, coaching etc. This incentive renews every year.

If You Are Still Interested…

We’d love to talk to you about the possibility of joining Kearney Realty.

Neil Kearney 303.818.4055    neil@kearneyrealty.com