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Yesterday a team of us from Kearney Realty Co. volunteered our morning to do yard work for an elderly lady a few blocks from our office in downtown Boulder. We participated in Project H.O.M.E (Help Our Many Elderly) which was organized by the Boulder Area Realtor Association in Conjunction with Boulder County Care Connect. As an association we used to do this type of thing all the time but lately it had fallen by the wayside. This year was a great time to pick it up again. As a side note I wore my Project H.O.M.E t-shirt from 1996.

Kristy Kearney, Debra Flora and Kathleen Winegardner and I tackled the yard of a local resident who can no longer take care of her yard. You could tell that in the past she had spent many hours in her yard but when we arrived we found it filled with weeds and very overgrown.¬† It was an oversized condo yard so it wasn’t huge but it sure hadn’t been touched for quite some time.

Throughout the morning we removed trash, pulled weeds and cut branches and generally cleaned everything up. We had a great time helping out and know that it made a big difference for one of our local residents who doesn’t get out of her house much anymore. Here are some photos from our day. The first two show the “before” photos and the last two show the “after”.

IMG_1022 yard work 1

Neil Kearney Kristy Kearney

Debra Flora Kathleen Winegardner

IMG_1030 IMG_1029