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Kristy Kearney

Kristy married into a real estate family and ever since she has been given a steady stream of to do items that she has done so well that she has been given more and more to do. That’s the curse of being good. Kristy is the office manager, advertising director, marketing materials creator, mailing guru and so much more. Kristy’s real estate license is currently inactive but her knowledge and experience are invaluable to the success of Kearney Realty Co.

Kristy is married to Neil and her main priority is their two sons, Jake and Ben and getting them to where they need to be.

What do you love about living in Boulder County?

I love Boulder for its gorgeous scenery and seasons. Coming from growing up in Arizona, it is much prettier. I also love being in a college town.

What is your professional priority?

Helping to keep Kearney Realty running smoothly and to do a good job in keeping up with all the agents.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to watch my boys in all their sports and activities.

Most trying/rewarding experience?

Being president for two years of my PEO chapter of 70 ladies, all for the sake of helping women further their educational opportunities.

Favorite adventure I likely won’t repeat.

Going to Italy this past summer.  I LOVED it, but would go elsewhere only to see more of the world.

Favorite local restaurants…

Pasta Jays and Il Pastaio

Special Pets…

My golden doodle is my best buddy.  I have always loved having a dog – he’s my favorite one yet!

When I’m not working you will find me…

With my boys trying to keep up with their activities.

Best character traits…

My best character traits are my organization and dedication to finishing out the task at hand.

Favorite Sport…

To watch… baseball       To play… dance – if that’s a sport. 🙂

My greatest blessing…

My family and my extended family.  I am so lucky to have a big and loving family with three sisters and four sisters in law. We all get along great.

Kristy can be reached at 303.909.0580