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When you look to the future and predict where the market will go, rarely do we think about large outside influences like a global pandemic.  But here we are. The health crisis has caused a global financial crisis. How deep this recession will be won’t be known until we get back to work and see how quickly the workforce gets reabsorbed back into jobs.  The housing market was just coming into the most active time of the year so many plans are paused if not changed.  Right now I’m seeing most of the in-process transactions make it to the closing table (although definitely not all), but we are definitely seeing a huge drop in showings and new contracts written.  It will be interesting to see if the busy time of the year is just delayed or if the normal bubble of activity just pops for the year.  For now we are seeing some activity in the lower price ranges in our market and very little in the upper price ranges.

Here are a few of the graphs for the month.  But to get the entire picture see the annotated slideshow below.