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I was helping my son this past weekend with a school project about our family ancestry and came across this interesting photo. The photo shows my great grandfather, Adrian Fletcher Kearney in front of a real estate office. My guess is that the photo is about 90 years old but I could be off. I didn’t know that he had any connection with real estate but by this photo, it looks like he did.
Here is what I know about him.  He was an attorney and the superintendent of schools in Maquoketa Iowa from the late 1800′s up until about 1920.   That is when my grandfather enrolled at the University of Minnesota.  Soon after enrolling the entire Kearney family moved to Minneapolis to keep an eye on my grandfather.  This time frame is when this photo could have been taken.  As many of you know, both of my parents were (are) Realtors in Boulder.  I knew it ran in the family, but I didn’t know it went back this far.