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Boulder County sales 2013Sales of residential real estate in Boulder County increased by 9.7% during 2013.  The graph above shows how last year compares to the past 16 years.  But the increases were not seen uniformly across all price ranges.  The table below shows comparative sales across price ranges and years. A majority of the sales in our area are under $500,000.  32% of all sales are of properties under $250,000 but there was actually a decrease in that price range. In my opinion, the main reason for this is that prices rose about 9% last year and a good percentage of homes jumped into the higher price range.  After a quick search I found that in fact 374 properties sold in the $250,000 – $275,000 price range.  The combination of the first two lines on the table account for most of the 9.7% increase but the increases in all of the higher price ranges was impressive.

2013 sales by price

It’s also interesting to see where the greatest increases in sales took place.  The largest increase was in the segment of properties above $1.5 million.  The 91 sales represented a 65% increase in the number of luxury sales in Boulder County.  The chart below is a snapshot of the sales in the 4th quarter of 2013 and shows sales percentages in different price ranges.

Sales by price 4th qtr 2013