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What is character?

  1. It is making the best of the circumstances.
  2. It is the attitude: “it’s not where you are it’s where you are going”.
  3. Character is honesty.
  4. Character is taking responsibility.
  5. Character is expressed in unselfishness.    
  6. It is quiet confidence.
  7. It is the person who does more with less rather than the talented person who underachieves.
  8. It is being true to your word.
  9. Character is showing effort and focus toward a worthy goal.
  10. It’s doing what is right.
  11. It is standing up for a principle.
  12. It’s acting in the right way even if you know you will be chastised for it.
  13. It is admitting you’re wrong.
  14. It is respecting others.
  15. Character = courage.
  16. It is honoring yourself and others as an idea of God.
  17. It’s lifting others up, not tearing them down.
  18. It’s doing your best and giving it your all.
  19. It isn’t blaming others.
  20. It is being part of the solution, not being the one who keeps pointing out the problem.
  21. It is loving others.
  22. Character is shining your own light. Being a beacon of good.
  23. Character is showing determination and persistence.
  24. It is being thoughtful and obedient.
  25. Character is being true to yourself.
What does character mean to you?  Leave a comment.