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Word is getting out through the media on why Colorado is a great place to buy real estate right now.

  • People want to live here!!
  • We have not had a real estate bust. (See the graph below)
  • Low foreclosure rate.  We don’t need to wade through tons of short sales and REO sales in order to start moving forward.
  • Strong economy with a young motivated work force who want to stay in Colorado.
  • Low inventory – new building started slowing in 2003 not in 2007 or 2008.  There is not a stockpile of homes to sell.
But don’t take it from me.  Watch this video from Fox Business News

This chart shows median prices in Boulder Colorado from 2000 to 2011.  Small corrections but no collapse.  We have a strong market with very few distressed sales.  We should be one of the first areas to see a full recovery.  For more graphs for communities like Louisville, Superior and Erie see this post.