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Still Showing Strength!

The market is showing some good resilience and strength as we head into the 4th quarter. I started tracking sales on a monthly basis in 2004 and sales this September were higher than in any other September during that 17 year stretch.  Inventory is holding steady at a very low level. In September 48% of the sales sold for over the asking price. The average premium paid for those that went for over the list price was 4.89%. Compare this to May when the average premium paid was 9.74%.  The market is still strong but the strength isn’t quite so deep. Some houses are still garnering a lot of interest and are selling right away for well over asking price and others are sitting on the market for awhile.  The average sale in Boulder County last month sold for 1.3% over the asking price.

Median Prices Through First Three Quarters

2020                          2021                          Change

Boulder              $995,000                $1,287,500                      +29%

Louisville            $695,000                $825,000                        +18.5%

Lafayette             $585,875                $729,340                       +24.4%

Erie                      $565,000               $677,500                         +20%

Superior               $648,000               $880,000                        +36%

Longmont             $460,000               $531,000                        +15.4%