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Kearney Realty Co. is a local boutique real estate firm with the mission to provide the Boulder Valley with a high touch, high tech, five-star customer experience. Each of our full time associates is empowered and engaged to give top quality service based on impeccable ethics, consistent systems, professional development and cutting edge tools.  Our past success and our ever present goal is to serve our clients in such a way that we become their trusted resource throughout the years for everything regarding real estate.

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The Kearney Report

The Kearney Report is a comprehensive look at the real estate market in Boulder County. We take the latest market statistics and present it to you in a way that is easy to understand yet provides the depth of content you need to make a good investment decision. We first look at Boulder County as a whole and then we take each of the communities within the county and explore and explain the market trends for each. Our entire market area has been a wonderful place to invest in real estate and through this detailed report we present a long term perspective.

What We Stand For

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Like attracts like. For over 20 years Kearney Realty has been known for professionalism, honesty, friendliness and hard work. That’s the way we do business and those are the qualities that we look for in our agents. The way we do business is more important than the transaction. We have high standards and our clients reap the rewards. Here are our core values which serve as a road map to our success.

  • Integrity and Class – Keeping our word; knowing what’s right and doing what’s right.
  • Selfless Service – Exceeding expectations by focusing on exceptional service.
  • Caring – All of our relationships are based on mutual respect, cooperation and consideration.
  • Connected – Give back to the profession and the community with our time and money.
  • Innovation – Continually striving to find new and better ways to serve our customers and associates.


Neil grew up in real estate. Being raised by two Boulder Realtors, Neil has a unique perspective and an intimate knowledge of what it takes to serve his clients. He is highly principled and loves figuring out new ways to analyze data and educate his clients and the public about the local real estate market. Low pressure, friendly and organized are a few words that describe him. Neil lives in the Gunbarrel neighborhood in NE Boulder with his wife Kristy, their sons Jake and Ben, and their dog Dexter. Click here to learn more about Neil.

Kathleen WinegardnerBuying or selling real estate is not an easy process. Kathleen is here to help you make that process stress-free, straightforward and enjoyable.

Originally from Missouri, she came to Boulder in 1984, attending the University of Colorado on a tennis scholarship. After getting her B.S. in Accounting, she continued her tennis endeavors, playing professionally in local tournaments while teaching tennis at the Harvest House Sporting Association. She is a member of the Colorado Sportswomen Hall of Fame and the Colorado Tennis Hall of Fame. Kathleen currently lives in Lafayette, is married and has two boys.  Click here to learn more about Kathleen.

Debra FloraDebra is a second generation Colorado native growing up on the Eastern Plains. She came to Boulder in 1978 to attend the business school at CU earning a degree in business management. Boulder quickly became home and Debra has enjoyed living here with her husband of twenty-eight years and raising her two sons. Volunteering in the Boulder Valley School system was a top priority for many memorable years
Debra has been in the real estate industry in the Boulder area since 1982. She began her career as office support learning the business from top area agents and patterned herself from watching successful people. Real estate is a great fit for Debra’s talents; she is detailed oriented which helps ensure a smooth transaction and she truly loves working with people. She prides herself on her enthusiasm, work ethic and sincerity.
Click here to learn more about Debra.


Janet LappenA transplant from Massachusetts, Janet has lived in Boulder for over thirty years and thoroughly enjoys the beautiful weather, scenery, outdoor lifestyle and, most of all, the people.

A graduate of Skidmore College, she also holds an Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and a Certified Insurance Counselor credential. She has held executive positions for over 25 years in the property and casualty insurance and healthcare industries in Colorado and her areas of expertise include marketing, leadership, pricing negotiations, sales and program development.

Her strong business background along with skills in problem solving, listening and coaching have provided a firm foundation for her career in the real estate profession.

She has received her GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) credential and Green Points Building Professional Certification through the City of Boulder and is a member of the Boulder Area Board of Realtors.
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Kristy married into a real estate family and ever since she has been given a steady stream of to do items that she has done so well that she has been given more and more to do. That’s the curse of being good. Kristy is the office manager, advertising director, marketing materials creator, mailing guru and so much more. Kristy’s real estate license is currently inactive but her knowledge and experience are invaluable to the success of Kearney Realty Co.


What do you love about living in Boulder County?

I love Boulder for its gorgeous scenery and seasons. Coming from growing up in Arizona, it is much prettier. I also love being in a college town.

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The Communities We Serve

  Our market area includes all of Boulder County and Broomfield County. The communities we serve include; Boulder, Louisville, LafayetteSuperior, Broomfield, Erie, Longmont, Niwot and Gunbarrel.  We also help people with their real estate needs in the unincorporated plains and in the mountains up to Nederland.  To learn more about these communities click on the linked names.

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The Kearney Report – Boulder Real Estate Statistics Q1 2016

The Kearney Report is produced and presented each quarter so that our clients can have an easy to read report on the state of the Boulder area real estate market.  The report gives information and shows graphs for Boulder County, the City of Boulder, East County which includes Louisville, Lafayette, Erie and Superior, and Longmont.  I break it out in this manner because each of the sub-markets is different. For example, this past quarter the median price in the City of Boulder was 22% higher than last year but in Longmont it was just 1.5% higher.  But at the same time the number of sales was down 18% but stayed equal in Longmont.  It’s worthwhile to take a closer look! To view a PDF of the latest report click on this link.  The Kearney Report 1st quarter 2016 Here are some highlights from the report: During the first quarter the real estate market within the City of Boulder has been very tight.  Sales were down 18%, inventory has dropped significantly and prices are up significantly.  The entry level prices in Boulder are disappearing.  This past quarter just 7% of the sales were for $250,000 or under. This represents smaller, older, more modest condos in Boulder. One year ago 19% of sales were in that range and in 2014 it was 24%. Many people are being quickly and dramatically priced out of Boulder.   Over the past three years the percentage of sales under $500,000 has dropped 19 % points and those sales have shifted almost equally into the high price ranges or $500 – $750k, $750 – $1 Million... read more

Boulder County Real Estate Market Facts

Boulder County has one of the hottest real estate markets in the entire country. There continues to be three major factors operating in the Boulder County real estate market; low inventory, strong buyer demand and rapidly rising prices. Interestingly, despite the high buyer demand, sales actually decreased over 14% for the quarter. The only cause that seems to have a direct correlation is the lack of inventory of active listings. At the end of the quarter the available inventory of residential properties for sale throughout the county was down 15%. It’s competitive out there! During the first quarter, 42% of the properties that sold through our regional MLS system sold for a price above the asking price. Presumably most of these sales were multiple offer situations. The average premium paid above list was $21,865 or an average of 5.33% above list. Another 20% of sales sold for exactly list price. Because of low inventory and high demand the prices are rapidly increasing. At the end of the 4th quarter of 2015 Boulder County ranked 7th in the nation for home appreciation with over 13% for the proceeding 12 months.  The trend has not slowed one bit during the first quarter. Prices at the end of the 1st quarter were up over 13% from a year ago. In the City of Boulder the change was even more pronounced, up 22% from the year-ago quarter. That is a spot number, not an average over four quarters but even still, the appreciation is astounding.  Below are some quick facts about the Boulder County real estate market for the most recent quarter. The... read more

The Business Lessons I Learned From my Mom and Dad

Many of you already know. But over the past six months both of my parents, John Kearney and Jo Kearney have passed away. I mention this and post it here, because many of you who will read this have done business with or have had contact with them over the years.  It is a great loss to our community not to have them still around. I was very lucky to have had two great parents. They laid the foundation on which I have built a wonderful life and career.  I worked with them both closely for over twenty years and together they were my steady and consistent mentor.  They taught me mostly by example.  Here are some of the lessons I learned from my parents on how to conduct business. Lead with service. The number one goal is to be of service to each person who comes through the door. Whether it results in a sale or not. Treat everyone well. Not just the people who you think can help you.  It all comes around in the end. Be grateful. Know how lucky we are to be doing what we do. Relish in the opportunity to meet nice and interesting people. Love is reflected with love. It’s amazing how nice everyone is to work with when you don’t take the bait at any point to make it confrontational. The attitude that “everyone is a friend” makes it much easier to make friends. “The Golden Rule” works in all instances. Go the extra mile. Take the time to do something special. Make someone’s day. Do the unexpected. Not only will... read more

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We are always looking for good agents to join our team. If your real estate practice is based on integrity and selfless service we would love to talk to you.

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